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The more obscure bonus rules

ByPablo Savage

Jul 6, 2022
obscure bonus rules

Some casinos – especially the smaller ones – have other bonus rules that you don’t see in many places, but which can have a big impact on how much you can withdraw if you are lucky enough to win.

Some casinos have a limit on how much you can win with a bonus. This is especially true with free bonuses or Free Spins, which do not require any deposit. Here it is normal with a limit of around DKK 2,000, but we have seen limits as low as DKK 50, which is less than the minimum amount for what you can withdraw. Very few casinos also have a limit on how much you can win with a deposit bonus, but this is definitely unusual.

Some casinos have very long lists of slot machines with increased playthrough requirements. Note that they group certain slots, typically “All NetEnt slots”, while other slots are mentioned individually in a long list. One must therefore be thorough to see if a specific slot machine is subject to a higher turnover requirement.

For some bonuses there is a minimum deposit. For most casinos, the minimum deposit for the bonus is the same as the minimum you can deposit, but some bonuses require a higher deposit.

Some bonuses require a bonus code to get them, and some of the bonuses presented here on Casinopenge only work if you click on the link on this page.

Some casinos require you to make a deposit before you can withdraw winnings from a no deposit bonus. In this case, you are allowed to make this deposit and immediately afterwards withdraw both your deposit and your winnings from your free bonus. In this connection, remember to ask for a deposit bonus, so that you are not suddenly stuck with a new turnover requirement.

If we have forgotten some important bonus rules – or if the casinos have come up with some new ones that we haven’t discovered – please write to us so we can update this page.

You must always:

You must always

You are welcome to use strategies when playing. Just be aware that it doesn’t improve your odds. The most well-known strategy is Martingale roulette, where you play red or black on the roulette and double the bet every time you lose. If there is no cap and you have unlimited funds, this way you will in principle always win. The only problem is that there is a cap and you don’t have unlimited funds. Therefore, with this strategy you will win small amounts most of the time, but once in a while lose really big. Remember that roulette may not be played in many casinos in terms of bonus.

You may withdraw your money after you have fulfilled the bonus conditions. Although many casinos (and fellow players on the forum) frown upon you not playing more than the casino’s minimum requirements, you are within your rights to withdraw as soon as you have met the conditions. Some casinos handpick players who play a little more than the requirement, to whom the casinos then continuously send new bonus offers. If you would like to take part in these offers, it is usually a good idea to play more than the requirement.

You may play at casinos without a Danish gaming license, but the casinos may not address you in Danish, and they may not advertise in Denmark. If you play at casinos based outside the EU, you must remember to pay tax on the winnings under box 19 on the tax return. See overview of approved casinos in Denmark

You are welcome to be naked when you play, unless you are playing from an internet cafe or a library. It might also not be a good idea if you have friends visiting – you should at least check with them first.

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