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This is what you need to know about the turnover requirement

ByPablo Savage

Sep 6, 2022
turnover requirement

Turnover requirement, game requirement or playthrough requirement is the amount you have to play for before you can withdraw money after you have received a casino bonus. If you e.g. get a bonus of DKK 100 with a play-through requirement of 10 times the bonus, this means that you have to bet DKK 1,000 – e.g. 100 games for DKK 10 per game – before you can withdraw what is on the account. It does not matter to the wagering requirements whether you win or lose your bets. If your balance goes to zero, the rest of the turnover requirement disappears, so it doesn’t apply the next time you deposit money.

The turnover requirement typically applies to slot machines. If you play other games such as roulette, you often have to play through a much larger amount. Some casinos also require an increased wagering requirement for certain slot machines, and in the worst case scenario, you may have your bonus and winnings canceled if you play certain games as described above.

In the casino’s rules and conditions for the bonus, you can see how much each game counts in connection with the bonus’s playthrough requirement. If a game has a weight of 50%, it means that you have to play twice as much on this game before you can withdraw your money. If the turnover requirement was DKK 1,000, you must now play through DKK 2,000 on a game that weighs 50%. If the game is weighted at 10%, you must play for 10 times as much, while a weighting of 0% means that the game does not count towards the turnover requirement at all.

As a starting point, both your deposit, your bonus and your winnings are locked until you have fulfilled the turnover requirement. However, some casinos allow you to withdraw your deposit and your winnings at any time, if in return you give up your bonus. This can be an advantage if you have won a big win at the start of your game. This is called a No Sticky Bonus.

Winnings from Free Spins are considered by many casinos as bonuses and are subject to the same turnover requirements as other bonuses. If you get 50 Free Spins which trigger DKK 37 in winnings, it is the DKK 37 that is subject to a turnover requirement – not the “value” of your Free Spins (e.g. DKK 1 per spin). With a turnover requirement of 10 times, in this case you must play through DKK 370 before you can withdraw your winnings.

Gaming sites with both sports games, poker and casino often have separate welcome bonuses for each part, and you can only choose one of them. A casino bonus cannot usually be used for sports betting and vice versa.

At a few casinos, you only start playing for bonus money when and if you lose your own deposit. This means that your bet will only start counting towards the wagering requirement at this point.

You can notify the casino that you do not wish to receive a bonus if you do not wish to be subject to a turnover requirement. You should do this before you deposit money and at the very latest before you start playing.

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