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How AI is Changing the Face of Sports

ByPablo Savage

Oct 19, 2022
Face of Sports

We cannot deny the current influence of artificial intelligence on sports throughout the world, and this impact is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years. What actually marked a tectonic shift in public use of artificial intelligence is the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

A few years ago, the concept of artificial intelligence was alien to most people, put in simpler terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is a form of machine learning that mimics human intelligence in order to learn, complete tasks, and make judgments more rapidly and accurately. Also 22Bet uses AI and data analytics to provide improved service to customers. 

Here are some instances of how artificial intelligence is currently influencing the sports industry and how it will develop in coming years:

Performance Assessment

With the help of AI algorithms, coaches and athletes may evaluate massive amounts of data on games, opponents, and their own performances. This data can be used to determine strengths and weaknesses, tactics, and make real-time decisions. AI can help with injury prevention by monitoring player motions and analyzing biomechanical data to identify moves that may cause an injury.

Sports Betting

Sports Betting

AI is analyzing massive amounts of data to make more informed forecasts for sports betting. This can help improve odds accuracy and the overall betting experience. AI developed prediction algorithms that allow people to put real-time sports wagers (micro-betting).

Fan Interaction

There has been rapid development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence chatbots, augmented reality and virtual reality together with artificial intelligence content-distribution. This can bring a radical change to the sports world as we know it now.  For instance, AI chatbots may be adopted by online sportsbooks, online sports forums or other sports related platforms online to provide instant responses to questions and inquiries of sports bettors or sports fans. 



One of the beneficiaries of the emerging AI technology is football sports, how so? AI has long been used in football to accurately identify offsides through the use of video assistant referee technology (VAR). More sports are likely to use AI-powered technology to make more informed and precise calls that affect game outcomes, such as replacing baseball umpires with virtual referees to identify balls and strikes or using an AI-powered instant replay assistant to identify and analyze various game situations and make recommendations. 

Education and Skill Development

Airtificial intelligence is also transforming how athletes train and hone their skills. AI-driven training systems can provide athletes with personalized feedback and performance-improvement ideas. This technique has long been used by tennis and golf players.


We expect to see more meaningful impacts of artificial intelligence in the merging new world. While some have expressed fear about possible downsides to artificial intelligence, this is very common to all emerging technologies, and like in times past, solutions will be found to any problems that may emerge.

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