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Celebrities that have spent millions on bets

ByPablo Savage

Nov 23, 2022
spent millions on bets

Sports betting is not limited to you alone because, in fact, various celebrities have been known to be sports lovers and bettors. You must already know that the betting world is vast, and different online sportsbooks have aimed to reach various countries to expand their patronage. For instance, those in Tanzania can use 22Bet Tanzania and so on. 

So, as you seek to bet and win money from sports betting in your different locations, celebrities and sports fans have spent a fortune on betting, with some winning and others losing. Here are a few notable bets by celebrities in history.

Michael Jordan (1991)

We all know Michael Jordan as a former professional basketball player, but he also had and still has some betting history. In a book titled Michael & Me; Our Gambling Addiction… My Cry for help!, the author, Richard Equinas, claimed that he and Jordan had had a face-off in a golf match in 1991 where Jordan lost $1.25m and had fallen in debt of $626k to Equinas. However, MJ has also made millions from golf betting and could be seen playing at Atlantic City occasionally. 

Charles Barkley (2005)

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley had openly admitted his love for gambling and consequential losses. In an interview with ESPN in 2006, he spoke about his $2.5m loss from playing Blackjack for six hours in one night. Barkley, however, didn’t admit what casino he played in. He also conceded his loss of about a million dollars at different times in his life. He was later sued by Wynn Las Vegas in 2008 for $400k in gambling markers which he paid off. 

50 cent (2012)

50 cent’s betting win in 2012 was among the most talked about, especially among professional bettors. He has always been known to be a sports bettor, as he has often spoken about how he loved to pass the time wagering on sports. He won $1m after betting on the New York Giants to win the Super Bowl XLVI. Notably, also, he had won over a million dollars the previous year by betting $500k on the Giants to win the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Dana white (2014)

Dana white

Dana White was the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president in 2014 who won $2m from playing Blackjack for over three months with $25k-per-hand. Due to this, the Las Vegas Casino limited his play to $5k per hand and later banned him from playing Blackjack at the casino. 

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (2014)

The boxing legend Floyd Mayweather had various losses and wins in 2014 but has still made a thing for his name, “Moneyman”, with his betting wins. However, he has made good bets and wins and some bad ones. In 2011, he placed a $1 million bet against Tim Tebow, which he lost. And from 2012 to 2025, he was consistent with his betting streaks which he always posted on his Instagram account, like his $1m win from betting $1.1m on Oregon Ducks and $600k win from his $815k bet on Denver Broncos. It may seem he was caught up in the betting rather than making good bets.

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